If you are looking for a broker-free Second Charge Mortgage, finding the best secured loan lenders or companies will be a real concern – you will want to safeguard your current finances and future credit rating. Dealing directly with secured loan lenders offers peace of mind that you will get support and advice from the source, rather than having to navigate via a middleman finance broker. As well established and reputable secured loan lenders, here at StarLoans we guarantee absolute protection while offering you flexible and suitable loans for your specific needs.

StarLoans is a secured loan company – so you can deal direct with the mortgage lender

We believe that the direct lending model offers the following benefits:

1. Excellent Customer Service – throughout the term of your secured loan

2. Value – no commission to pay to a middleman or finance broker

3. Speed – you will always deal direct with the secured loan company

4. Simplicity – we offer just one excellent product: secured personal loans with market leading flexibility

5. Common-sense human touch – we always treat you as an individual

As a secured loan lender we have been vetted closely by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are a self-financed loan company, which gives us the independence to make our own lending decisions and take on new customers. We are not at the mercy of the banks for finance and have a track record of being able to offer our customers further advances when required.

StarLoans is one of the few secured loan companies to increase its commitment since 2008

By dealing with us directly, even before you take out your secured loan, you can ask us any questions you want and receive the answer “direct from the horse’s mouth”. We want you to be so happy with our service that you will recommend us to your friends.

We always recommend that borrowers seek independent financial advice and shop around before selecting a secured loan. You should compare interest rates, fees, the loan term and whether any commission is paid to a middleman.

If your secured loan is sourced through a finance broker, will they be interested in helping you years later? Will they even be around? Why not deal direct with a secured loan company?

Not all lenders are the same! We are one of the best secured loan lenders in UK