Secured Loans with maximum flexibility!

Research has shown a significant increase in secured lending in 2012 compared with 2011. Findings also show that the reluctance of high street lenders to lend is driving more borrowers to the best secured loans UK market. According to experts, the secured loans market in the UK is becoming stronger with annual lending on a rapid rise and borrowers being more attracted to secured loans. The growth in the market is due to low interest rates, more product availability and fewer mortgages being sold on an interest-only basis.

For borrowers aiming to raise capital without being penalised by mortgage lenders, secured loans present a more realistic option. When thinking about a borrowing solution, a mortgage product isn’t necessarily the best value. Secured loans are a safe alternative to remortgaging, particularly for self employed business people wanting to raise capital while protecting their interest-only mortgage.

Star Loans offers the best secured loan in the UK from £3,000 up to £30,000. Our secured loans are different because we put the customer first. As a loan company established in 1957 we really know what our customers want and have designed our secured loans accordingly: maximum flexibility for repayments, early settlements and further advances.

What makes the best secured loan?

1. You can choose the payment method which best suits you: Direct Debit, Standing Order or Debit Card.

2. Loan repayments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and can be different amounts from each borrower’s bank account.

3. You can request a Settlement Quotation at any time and receive a Rebate of Interest. This can save you money!

4. You can make overpayments (Partial Settlements) without penalty, meaning:

  • your loan will be repaid sooner if you maintain original payments
  • your payments can be reduced if you stick to the original term

5. You can request a “payment holiday”. We know your income can vary and that there can be unexpected financial demands.

6. You can change your payment method and payment date.

7. You can increase or decrease your normal payments subject to our agreement.

8. You can apply for further advances.

We believe that this flexibility makes our loans the best secured loans in the UK! Remember that you must be a homeowner with an existing mortgage and that a secured loan is secured against your home. These loans are referred to as Secured Loans, “second charge mortgages”, or ‘homeowner loans’.

Secured Loans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All lenders must be authorised and there is an extensive range of consumer protection requirements. For example, the advertising of loans and the form, content and issue of credit agreements are all strictly controlled.

Our representative APRC of 19.9%, which is offered to at least 51% of our customers, is great value for money! Go to interest rates for more information on interest rates and fees.

We believe that we offer the best secured loans UK. Remember, not all loans are the same!